case studies
Online Marketing Case Study: Heat Treatment Group


Our client provides a range of surface treatment and heat treatment services to the UK engineering industry. In addition to offering a full range of traditional heat treatment processes, they are also able to provide special treatments designed to overcome specific problems such abrasion, corrosion and adhesion.


Our client recently produced a business strategy in order to successfully navigate their company through the recession. The main objective was to develop a number of new quality sales leads.


Working closely together with our client we delivered a variety of Search Engine optimised sites for the group, an optimised Google Ads campaign, and a Micro-Site capable of informing their potential customers. Using telephone number and email management we made sure that they could identify their new customers. Our integrated approach drew together the most effective digital marketing methods.


Since 2001 we have provided our client with a range of web sites including news applications and SEO pages for their business whilst producing an online presence for them. On average they received 1-5 substantive new sales leads per month from businesses interested in using their services. After a redevelopment of their sites and the launch of an Integrated Sales Micro-Site approach in June 2009 they received a total of more than 50 genuine and new enquiries within the following quarter. This was a dramatic result at the bottom of the recession and we were delighted with the results and having been able to help.